All details from teachers fund annual general meeting and GNAT national council meeting 

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      All details from teachers fund annual general meeting and GNAT national council meeting

      Ishmael Arkoh Mantey, the
      Municipal Gnat Chairman of Asante Akim South provided the following summary from GNAT national council meeting and the mutual fund annual general meeting.


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      The meeting schedule

      The leadership of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) held a National Council meeting at GNAT Village-Abankro, Ejisu from Tuesday 26th – Friday 29th September, 2023. The National Council is the second highest decision making body of the Association and do meet once a year to discuss matters of concern.


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      The following are some fallouts:

      1. Education minister summoned

      The Leadership invited the Minister of Education to the meeting to speak on the delay of the laptop distribution, the over deduction of 44.55, promotions and its related issues, NTC, deprived area allowance, Teachers Bungalow etc. The Minister could not attend but was represented by the Deputy Minister of Education Hon. John Ntim Fordjour. The Council presented the case to him and he indicated that the Minister will get the information and gave the following information:


      A. The laptop distribution is ongoing but admitted it has delayed. He promised that everyone who paid will be served.


      B. The deduction of the 44.55 will be paid in October and November, 2023 and said leadership has been informed already.


      C. Concerning the promotion, some of those who were successful have been placed and paid accordingly and the rest will be paid in October and November.


      D. Professional Development Allowance will be paid.


      2. GNAT Institute for Research

      The GNAT Institute for Research and Industrial Relations Studies Council Board was formed and approved according to GTEC requirements.


      Development of Academic Programmes
      The Technical Team has successfully completed the development of the following academic graduate degree programmes, pending Institutional Accreditation:


      The programs

      *Master of Philosophy (MPhil) English Education
      *Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Mathematics Education
      *Master of Arts (MA) in Industrial Relations Studies
      *Master of Arts (MA) Pension Management
      *Master of Education (MED) in Early Childhood Education
      *Master of Education (MED) General Education.
      *Master of Education (MED) Institutional Management


      3. Mutual fund loan

      The delayed in loan delivery was discussed and management has apologized and promised to work on it.


      4. Mutual fund contributions

      The minimum contribution of 50.00 to the Mutual Fund will be increase to 100.00 effective January 2024.


      5. Souvenirs

      Souvenirs for Gnat members will be yearly and not the 4-year national conference year again.

      By: Ishmael Arkoh Mantey
      Municipal Gnat Chairman
      Asante Akim South

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