University of Ghana admissions cut-off points for undergraduate programs

      University of Ghana cut-off

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      University of Ghana admissions cut-off points for undergraduate programs

      The University of Ghana admissions cut-off points for various undergraduate programs are provided below. Prospective applicants are required to take note of the cut-off points while applying to the university for admissions.


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      These cut-off points were used for the 2022/ 2023 academic year. These cut-off points will therefore be used to guide the current admissions process.


      College of Basic & Applied Sciences    
      Programme1st Choice  
      BSc. Biological Sciences20 (22)  
      BSc. Agriculture20  
      BSc. Earth Sciences24  
      BSc. Agricultural Engineering22(23)  
      BSc. Agricultural Engineering (Full-Feepaying)22  
      BSc. Biomedical Engineering9(10)  
      BSc. Biomedical Engineering (Full-Feepaying)12  
      BSc. Computer Engineering8(9)  
      BSc. Computer Engineering (Full-Feepaying)10  
      BSc. Food Process Engineering17(18)  
      BSc. Food Process Engineering (Full-Feepaying)19  
      BSc. Materials Science & Engineering16(17)  
      BSc. Materials Science & Engineering (Full-Feepaying)18  
      BSc. Family & Child Studies16  
      BSc. Food & Clothing20  
      BSc. Information Technology10(12)  
      BSc. Information Technology (Full-Feepaying)14  
      BSc. Mathematical Sciences17(19)  
      BSc. Mathematical Sciences (Full-Feepaying)24  
      BSc. Physical Sciences24  
      Doctor of Veterinary Medicine14  
      BSc. Psychology20  
      College of Health Sciences 
      Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery7  
      Doctor of Pharmacy8  
      BSc. Nursing9  
      BSc. Midwifery9  
      Bachelor of Dental Surgery9  
      BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences11  
      BSc. Physiotherapy14  
      BSc. Nutrition & Dietetics14  
      BSc. Diagnostic Radiography13  
      BSc. Occupational Therapy18  
      BSc. Respiratory Therapy16  
      College of Education 
      BSc. Education24  
      BA. Education24  
      B.Ed. (JHS Specialism)24  
      BA. Education (English)24  
      BA. Sports and Physical Culture24  
      BSc. Information Technology – Distance Education24  
      BSc. Administration – Distance Education30  
      Bachelor of Arts – Distance Education30  
      College of Humanities 
      Bachelor of Laws7  
      BSc. Administration – Legon Campus8(9)  
      BSc. Administration – Legon Campus (Full-Fee Paying)14  
      BSc. Administration – City Campus24  
      Bachelor of Arts (General Arts Background)15(16)  
      Bachelor of Arts Full-Fee Paying24  
      Bachelor of Arts (Business/Science/ Vocational Background)12  
      Bachelor of Arts City Campus24  
      Bachelor of Fine Arts22  


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