GNAT warns all teachers about some companies posing as tier-3 pension fund for teachers

GNAT warns all teachers about some companies posing as tier-3 pension fund for teachers

It has come to the attention of GNAT that some companies are posing as tier-3 pension fund for teachers.


According to the notice from the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, members must be informed that GNAT and other teacher unions have their own official tier-3 pension fund for teachers.


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The official tier-3 pension fund for GNAT members is GNAT Provident Fund, which is managed by United Pension.


Any company posing as the tier-3 pension fund for members is an imposter and should be treated as such.


GNAT members are therefore advised to consult district secretaries to enroll in the tier-3 pension fund.


Members of other teachers’ unions are also advised to consult their district executives to enroll in their tier-3 pension fund.


For fact, GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT-GH have their tier-3 pension fund for members.


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Below is the warning message sent to GNAT members.

URGENT! It has come to the attention of management that some companies are deceiving our members to enroll onto a fraudulent Tier-3 pension scheme.We caution our members to be wary of imposters. We inform GNAT members to join only GNAT PROVIDENT FUND.Any member who joins any other Tier-3 Pension Scheme, does so at his/her own risk.The GNAT is taking all necessary steps to register all GNAT members onto the Scheme. Thomas T. Musah, General Secretary, GNAT

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