IELTS exam types: Don’t write the wrong exam

      Types of IELTS exam: Don’t write the wrong exam

      There are different types of IELTS exam you can take. IELTS means International English Language Testing System. It is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers


      Passing IELTS exam can help you move around the world, get the job you’ve always wanted or just demonstrate that you have improved your English. The test you should choose depends on what you want to do.


      Before booking your test, make sure to check which test you need with the organisations you are applying to.


      Importance of the IELTS exam

      Candidates who passed IELTS exam have competitive advantage over people who do not have the English language proficiency.


      Most institutions that award scholarships demand IELTS qualifications. Therefore candidates with IELTS qualifications have access to much more scholarships opportunities


      Most foreign universities also demand IELTS from applicants for admission. Accordingly, successful candidates have access to variety of universities to choose from for studies abroad.


      Many companies abroad equally demand for a pass in an appropriate IELTS exam. Candidates who do not possess would not have the chance to apply to certain companies for a job.

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      Not sure which IELTS test to take? We can help!

      There are three main types of IELTS exam. They are

      a. Academic test

      b. General training test

      c. UK Visas and immigration


      IELTS Academic test

      Take the IELTS Academic test if you want to study at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, or if you want to work in a professional organisation in an English speaking country.


      IELTS General Training test

      Take the IELTS General Training test to study at below degree level, work in an English speaking country or your own country and emigrate to an English speaking country.


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      Looking to work or study in the UK?

      There is a specific IELTS test for UK visas and immigration (UKVI). If you are looking to work, study or live in the UK then you may need to take this test.


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