Common thesis defense questions you must prepare for 

Common thesis defense questions

Common thesis defense questions you must prepare for

Writing a thesis is a tough task. Preparing for the thesis defense is another tough job. Determining common thesis defense questions is an extra tough activity. This is because candidates who miss the common questions are perceived in a bad light.


It is therefore necessary for candidates to prepare adequately and to anticipate common thesis defense questions in order to boost their preparedness.


Common questions

Try to write and practice the answers to the following most common thesis defense questions, which are usually considered mandatory questions.
1- In a few sentences can you tell us what your studies are all about?

2- What is your motivation for this study?

3- How well does this study contribute to the body of knowledge?

4- What is the significance of the study?

5- Did you bridge any gap from your studies?

6- What limitations did you encounter?

7- What are your findings?

8- What methods or sampling technique did you employ?

9- Why did you choose this method?

10- Based on your findings, what are your recommendations?

11- Based on your findings, what area will you suggest for future research?

12- How can your research study be put into practice?

13- How would you summarize your studies to a practitioner?

14- What would you change if you were conducting this study again?

15- What is your measurement instrument?

16- What are your future variables?

17- What do you plan to do with your research project after graduation?

18- What are your research questions, and why do you need them?

19- What source of data was employed for this study?

20- What theories or theoretical framework is your study based on?


Common thesis defense questions
Thesis defense questions

21- How would you relate your findings to existing theories on this study?

22- What recommendations do you have for future research?

23- What is the scope of this study?

24- What questions do you have for the committee?

25- Do you have any closing comments?

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