Permanent And Temporal Loss Of Sense Of Smell (Anosmia). How And Why It Happens

Anyone can loose his or her sense of smell temporarily or permanently.

A person can lose his or her sense of smell to the extent that when you lock the person in a public toilet, he or she cannot smell anything.

Anosmia, which is the loss of sense of smell either temporarily or permanently, could be the reason why people will alert you of a particular smell around you that you have no idea about. The experience of losing one’s sense of smell is not a good one, especially when visitors to your surroundings or apartment have to raise an alarm about certain smells around your surroundings. Learn to avoid the condition of losing the sense of smell and/or reverse any such experience, especially if it has just begun.

Anosmia, loss of sense of smell, could occur as a result of sinusitis.

Sinusitis is a result of inflammation of the sinuses. The sinuses are small air-filled pockets located between the eyes and the nose and , cheekbones and forehead. When the sinuses become inflamed, it is medically termed as sinusitis. When sinusitis occurs, the sinuses and the nasal cavities become filled with fluid, preventing the person from being able to smell anything.

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Some causes or risk factors are:

1. Cold

2 . Long use of decongestants

3. Allergies

4 . Asthma

5 . Weak immune system as a result of an ongoing illness.

Some signs and symptoms are:

1 . Partial or complete loss of smell

2 . Bitterness in the mouth

3. Fatigue

4 . Runny nose

5 . Cough

6. Headache is felt on the forehead, eyes, cheeks and in between the nose and the eyes.

7. Fever

8. Feeling like there is a particular smell in your nose or head which is normally unpleasant

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Home management or prevention

1. Inhale steam at least two times daily

2 . Bathe the nasal passages with luke warm water daily

3 . Avoid taking cold water or food.

4. Drink a lot of fluids

5 . Have enough rest

6 . Brush your teeth after the last meal in the night and do gaggling with salty warm water before going to bed.

7 . Rinse your mouth with water after each meal.

8. Eat fruit to boost your immune system

Remember to report any experience of loss of smell after consistent alerts from people around you.

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