People Who Access Scholarships Easily

      People Who Access Scholarships Easily

      There are definitely a certain group of people who access scholarships easily. Whether domestic or international scholarships, some people are given preference in the selection process. Some of the people who can easily be selected for scholarships are

      1. Physically challenged people

      2. Females

      3. Minority groups

      4. Less privileged

      5. Quality essays



      1. Physically challenged people: physically challenged people actually have an advantage of being selected for scholarships. This is because physically challenged people are perceived to be special people who will struggle to fund their own activities. The reason is also linked to income opportunities for physically challenged people. Physically challenged people, ordinary, have less chance of being engaged in many work environments that people who are not physically challenged have access to. Therefore, the lack of opportunities for physically challenged people to generate income to fund their activities puts the physically challenged person in a position to be considered first before other people.

      2. Females: females usually have a higher chance of being selected for a scholarship ahead of the male counterpart. Especially in developing countries, females are considered to be relegated to the background in many fields. In other words, men are found in a very high majority of leadership. Therefore, in an attempt to give females equal opportunities, females are mostly given the first chance with physically challenged people. However, the merits of selection are not varied greatly. Therefore, even on an equal scale, the females or physically challenged people will be selected first. Another reason females have a higher chance of being selected is the fact that a smaller number of females take up the challenge of applying for scholarships compared to the number of males who apply.

      3. Minority groups: Even though it is usually indicated that selection for scholarships is not biased, it must be indicated that minority groups will have an advantage in certain instances. A typical example is when the selection of qualified candidates is based on a quota system. A quota system is a situation in which the number of qualified candidates are distributed among categories of people. The category of people could be based on country of origin, tribes or regions. In such a situation, applicants from minority groups would have the advantage of being selected because the number of applicants from the minority groups may not match up with applicants from a populated group.

      4. Less privileged people: Scholarships are meant to lessen the financial burden on applicants. Applicants who are less privileged, therefore, have the added advantage if other academic qualifications match up close to the top. Being less privileged financially either due to family background or country of origin puts such an applicant ahead of others.

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      5. Quality essays: most scholarships require applicants to submit essays that cover various issues depending on the purpose of the scholarship. Candidates who are able to provide high quality essays, aside from their academic credentials, are given a preference, especially, applicants who are able to state their points clearly and vividly enough.

      It is therefore, recommended that people who access scholarships easily should keep trying applications for scholarships because they have a better chance of securing scholarships.

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