Netherlands Scholarships Without IELTS

Netherlands Scholarships Without IELTS

Even though lots of students might have the ambition to study abroad, most of such students may be uncomfortable writing certain language requirement examination as a qualifying criteria.

It is for this reason out team have researched some of the scholarship around the world that do not necessarily need IELTS as a qualifying criteria. However, applicants must obtain language proficiency certificates/ documents from their recent schools as a proof of ability to use the English satisfactorily.

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Below are some of the scholarships in Netherlands that do not necessarily need IELTS to apply

1. Maastricht University Scholarships

2. Netherland Government Scholarships

3. TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

4. Radboud University Scholarships

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5. Holland Government Scholarships

6. University of Twente Scholarships

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