How A Gift Of Sliced Fruit Led To The Death Of Neighbor’s Son

A true life incident happened recently, and the child was declared dead at a government hospital.

The incident, which is medical or biological in nature, has led to several name callings of the said neighbor, like witchcraft, money ritual ritual etc

The incident has caused medical staff at the goverment hospital to become a phobia of the fruit in question.

The neighbor at the center of the incident may never offer a food gift to another person again.

The parents of the child are still asking God why.

Though the medical and/or biological reason behind the incident may have been explained in the past, it is worth using this true life incident to drum home the point more.

People must learn to apply lessons learnt in order to avoid unfortunate complication scenarios or risk being called similar derogatory names.

The whole incident started when a woman decided to give a slice of watermelon to a neighbor’s son after slicing the fruit in the open or the yard of a compound house. It is only culturally and morally correct to share.

Later in the night, the child started complaining of stomach pains. When the child was rushed to the hospital because the complaints were becoming too much to bear, it was realised a seed of the watermelon had blocked and ruptured the child’s appendix. The ruptured appendix meant that intestinal contents were able to leak into the abdominal cavity of the boy, leading to his death at the hospital.

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An appendix is the first part of the large intestine that connects to the small intestine in which the small intestine empties its contents through into the large intestine. It is considered as part of the large intestine.

Everyone has an appendix and this organ, which is a tube-like structure, can get blocked by some foods we eat. When this organ gets blocked, it becomes inflamed and it is medically termed as appendicitis.

Appendicitis is one of the most common abdominal surgical emergencies in our hospitals. If appendicitis is not treated promptly, the appendix can rupture, leading to leakage of intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity, which can be very fatal if the person is not rushed to the theater on time.

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