GIMPA Scholarships For SHS Graduates

GIMPA Scholarships For SHS Graduates

The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) is offering fully funded scholarships to all Senior High School students in Ghana to study at the tertiary institution. The scholarships for SHS graduates in the country are aimed at giving the opportunity to high performing students from various Senior High Schools in the country to study at GIMPA, well classified as one of the best.

The benefits of the scholarships for SHS graduates, which includes full tuition cost and industrial attachment with reputable companies costs, also have an opportunity for qualified applicants to journey on exchange programs.

The scholarship which is active currently has 25th January 2023 as the deadline for application. The scholarship, which is expected to be in high demand, expect the Senior High School (SHS) applicants to present evidence of leadership potential.

Applicants are expected to download the application forms from the GIMPA website and follow through with the process.


A. Programs: BSc. (Hons.) Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

B. Eligibility:

i. Open to all SHS graduates in Ghana.

ii. Show leadership abilities and potential

iii. Show exceptional academic performance

C. Benefits: Full tuition cost, opportunity for industrial attachment with reputable companies and exchange programs

D. Deadline: 25th January 2023

E. Official contact: , 0303941716 or 0597086843

F. Official website:

Dealing with a third party to obtain a scholarship is one major way people get duped in the process of trying to obtain a scholarship. It is therefore advisable to independently verify information from the awarding institutions of any scholarship before even starting an application, in order not to waste time and energy and, more importantly, money.

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Google search of official websites of awarding institutions is one easy way to locate the official contacts or official correspondence about the scholarship. In a situation where one can not personally verify an official website, it is advisable for a known person who should be able to identify an official website to be consulted to locate the official website.

The last resort, which is more expensive, is to try visiting the physical locations of an awarding institution to confirm the availability of any scholarship.


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