Details of teachers’ promotion net amount disclosed | Epayslip available   

      Teachers’ promotion amount

      Details of teachers’ promotion net amount disclosed | Epayslip available

      Teachers’ promotion net amount disclosed: The Government of Ghana epayslip for September 2023 is available for all employees to download.


      Trend analysis has shown that the epayslip for this month, September 2023, is ready sooner than expected.


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      Government employees can therefore login to their account on the epayslip platform to access their epayslips.


      Salary increments for promoted teachers.

      It has been observed that between Ghc100 and Ghc210 per month has been added to promoted teachers. This amount is however a gross amount.


      The amount quoted above is for all teachers without Responsibility Allowance. Teachers with responsibility allowance got between half of the amount quoted above. The reason being that teachers with responsibility allowance before the promotion were not moved to their corresponding rank with responsibility allowance. In other words, the responsibility allowance was taken off.


      The stated amount includes both the Single Spine Basic salary and the retention premium.


      The amount each teacher will get will depend on the rank he or she was promoted to.


      The extra amount will, therefore, be taxed 17.5%.


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      Actual amount to ADI

      For example, teachers who were promoted to Assistant Director I without responsibility allowance, SSPS19H point 1, received Ghc130.60 as basic salary and Ghc19.59 as retention premium. Totaling Ghc150.19.


      The Ghc150.19 will be taxed 17.5% (Ghc26.28). The net amount that is added is, therefore, Ghc123.91 (Ghc150.19 – 26.28).



      Teachers who were promoted to the Assistant Director I with responsibility will get almost the same amount that is added to ADI without responsibility. However, the existing difference between the salaries of those with responsibility allowance and those without responsibility allowance will remain the same. That is the 1.7% salary difference.


      Arrears paid

      A total of three (3) months arrears to have been paid. This means the months of June, July and August have been paid. It is, however, unclear whether June is the actual effective date.

      Details of Teachers’ promotion net amount disclosed:

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