KNUST admission fees

      KNUST admission fees

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      KNUST admission fees

      We have provided the KNUST admission fees for freshers who entered the school in the 2022/2023 academic year as a guide for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic year.


      The fee structure is divided into academic, residential, college, and other fees.


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      The fees below are for freshers who are non-fee-paying entrants. Fee-paying students are applicants who do not enjoy any government subsidies during the course of study.

      • The academic fees range from Ghc1772.60 to Ghc2692.20.
      • The fee for residential halls is Ghc2167.80.
      • The college fees also range from Ghc600.00 to Ghc1800.00
      • The total fee under the other category is Ghc1302.75.


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      The overall total fees for any fresher will depend on the course of study and the residential status of the applicant. Download the detailed schedule of fees here

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