Bristol University Think Big Scholarship UK 2023

      Bristol University Think Big Scholarship UK 2023

      Applicants are, however, encouraged to search Google for the official website of Bristol University Think Big Scholarship UK or locate the official website here for ease of accessibility.

      This schorlarship is open to all students from all over the world. Qualified applicants are required to apply for this Scholarship. This Scholarship enables you to study for Bachelor’s degree and masters in the UK.

      Bristol University Think Big Scholarship UK is fully funded and covers your Visa, air tickets, tuition fee, textbooks, living allowance, accommodation, health insurance.

      All applicants must submit their application form and required documents online through the institution’s official website before 27 February 2023 for Bachelor’s degree and 24 April 2023 for Masters.

      Summary of scholarship

      1. Name of Scholarship:Bristol University Think Big Scholarship UK

      2. Scholarship type/Amount: Fully funded, accommodation, stipends, air tickets etc.

      3. Application/processing fee: No application fee and no processing fee

      4. Eligible country of applicants: International students

      5. Host tertiary institution and/or country: Bristol University, UK

      6. Application deadline:
      27 February 2023 for Bachelor’s degree and 27 April 2023 for masters.

      See also: Cambridge University MBA Scholarship UK 2023

      7. Degree covered: Bachelor’s degree and masters

      8. Visit the official website for the scholarship at:

      Dealing with a third party to obtain a scholarship is one major way people get duped in the process of trying to obtain a scholarship. It is therefore advisable to independently verify information from the awarding institution of any scholarship before even starting an application, in order not to waste time and energy and, more importantly, money.

      Searching Google for official websites of Bristol University Think Big Scholarship UK is one easy way to locate the official contacts or official correspondence about the scholarship. In a situation where one can not personally verify an official website, it is advisable for a known person who should be able to identify an official website to be consulted to locate the official website.

      The last resort, which is more expensive, is to try visiting the physical locations of an awarding institution to confirm the availability of any scholarship.

      For more information worldwide on scholarships to study undergraduate, masters, PhD and short courses and paid intenships and volunteering:







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