Brave NSS Personnel Wrote To Akufo-Addo

Brave NSS Personnel To Akufo-Addo

The level of economic hardships in the country is forcing every labour union to be stern in their negotiations with the government of Ghana. Despite the failure of the National Service Personnel Association to obtain an increment in the allowances paid to the national service personnel, a brave national service personnel had taken the decision into his own hands. The service personnel wrote to Akufo-Addo to consider increasing their allowances.

The brave national service personnel in his open letter to the president of the land even stated the percentage increase he or she expects from the president. Specifically, the personnel expect a minimum of 43% increment in their allowances to sustain them economically. The letter, which was straight to the point, read:

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Your Excellency,


The present quantum of NSS allowance of 559.04 Ghana cedis since April 2017 has

outlived its value; therefore a wish for an upward adjustment of 43% is paramount.

We, members of the National Service Scheme, crave for your immediate

intervention to arrest the current predicament.

We count on your urgent consideration.

Thank you.

National Service Personnel


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Though the letter is written by just one person of the scheme, the general sentiment among members of the national service scheme is that the increment in the allowance is long over due.

It is also clear that the outgoing leadership of the Ghana National Service Scheme are helpless in their dealings with the government in any attempt to obtain an increase in the allowance for members.

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