How to retrieve your social media account when hacked.

How to retrieve your social media account when hacked.

It is very easy to retrieve a hacked Facebook social media account without necessarily reporting to Facebook. I was hacked, email and phone numbers were both changed.


The most important thing to retrieve your social media account is having access to your own personal email account that was added and authenticated by you.


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Remember, the hacker must have changed the email and recovery phone number. Do not worry about that. The Facebook algorithm remembers your primary recovery account.


Visit the login page, click on not you. Then follow the process. A message will be sent to your primary email address that is recognized on the page, click the link from the email, then proceed to recovering your account.


They can display some pictures of your friends by providing name options for you to identify them. Thereafter, you will be required to change the password and log out of all systems that you have been logged into. Add your email and phone number to the account, proceed to security settings to authenticate your account.


Do not go to open another account because the previous one was hacked.


What to do now that you have not been hacked?

Now that you have not been hacked, go to your settings now, password & security and do the 2-factor authentication.


Do not forget to add a recovery email to your social media account. That recovery email is very important to retrieve a hacked account even if the hacker removes it.


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Facebook recognizes recovery email when you are trying to retrieve a hacked social media account.

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