How to get high YouTube views and blog views

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      How to get high YouTube views and blog views

      This article, how to get YouTube views and views for blogs, is targeted at beginners, even though established content creators can apply the same strategy to increase their views.


      You must apply all the strategies provided and you will notice significant results. Read to the end how to get YouTube views and views for blogs.


      Content creators face huge tasks with how to get YouTube views for their channel and blog post.


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      Content creators do not have much difficulty concerning the type of content to create. Their challenge, seriously, is about how to get YouTube views for their channels and blogs.


      Inability to garner enough views leads to discouragement and discontent. This is especially true when the content create spends substantial amount of money and time to create the content but lacks the number of views that he or she expects.


      How established content creators generate traffic

      Content creators must spend enough energy to locate their initial audience. Remember even established content creators in the entertainment industry continue to promote their arts seriously.


      Other established online content creators also invest time, money and energy on promoting their channels. | How to get significant YouTube views


      Beginners strategy

      First and foremost, the starters must implement all the points simultaneously to achieve results.


      1. The right audience.

      Content creators must identify the type of people who are his or her audience for his or her niche topic area.


      After identifying your audience, you must locate those audiences to showcase your content to them. They will like it and follow.


      Remember that content creation is meant to benefit both the creator and the audience. When you locate and showcase your content to the right audiences, they will appreciate you and your content because you are providing the type of content they will have been asking many people to find.


      How do you locate the right audience for significant YouTube views? There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Just visit the social media handles of established content creators in your niche area and send friends’ requests to their audiences on Facebook. You can tag those established content creators on Twitter or you can join the WhatsApp groups that are meant for people who are interested in such content.


      2. Quality content

      Most starters make simple mistakes that turn away people who are supposed to like the contents.


      This is because starters create shabby contents which are below the belt. An example is when bloggers make common mistakes and/ or grammatical errors. Starters who are into blogging must get language editing tools to help edit the contents before publication.


      Also, shoddy spacing and complex language can turn off readers. This will definitely prevent you from getting enough YouTube views and blog views


      YouTubers must equally ensure the content is not too shoddy. For example, I saw a content in which the art claim he sent someone with money in his dream to buy something. But the person refused to return either the money or the item. Therefore, he wants his money back.


      Audiences may likely not subscribe to or follow such an art, even if the audience loves comedy.


      3. Be factual.

      You must be factual without any mistakes or lies if you create content that require facts, processes, procedures or academic.


      Audiences are likely to refer to your content to back up an argument when necessary. Therefore, when your reference turns out to be false, you will likely lose that audience. And when the content with false information has viral views, just be informed that you will lose the audiences in viral form.


      4. Join groups on every social media platform

      Creating contents is just like the production of any goods. You can not produce goods and leave them in your apartment or factory. You must send the goods to the customers.


      In the case of content creators, the customers are in various groups. Getting one view from one extra group is better than not getting that group at all.


      The fact is that, your views will increase by at least one page-view. Therefore, join relevant groups where you can find your audience.


      Emphasis is on relevant groups. That is joining groups that may have an interest in your content. Otherwise, you will be removed faster from those groups than how fast you joined.


      Facts about how to get YouTube views and blog views

      In order to get significant views

      1. Target the right audience

      2. Create quality content

      3. No deceit. Create the content with accurate facts and figures

      4. Join groups on all social media platforms

      5. Target non-relations

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