Episode 1: Salary Validation Wahala in Ghana

salary validation

Episode 1: Salary Validation Wahala in Ghana

Salary validation is the process of confirming that a worker was at post and needs to be paid. Salary validation is done during the third week of the month.

Heads of management unit are responsible for validating their staff for the month. The management unit is actually the work station where government workers are stationed to perform their responsibilities.

The Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) is responsible for paying salaries in Ghana. CAGD opens their system within a particular window of days for unit heads to validate their staff.

The process and validating staff and payment of salaries is supposed to be a seamless process. However, the process is fraught with several challenges.

We have ascribed one of the major challenges to a serious financial effect on staff.

The information provided is hard evidence of what is happening to staff concerning the routine challenges with salary validation in the country, especially to teachers.

Technical or system challenges on CAGD platform

According to widespread evidence, all or some staff members in a particular management unit may not receive their salary after their validation properly.

The reasons are not known as to why all the staff or some staff members, including the validator, may not receive their salary after validation.

The only logical conclusion is that technical challenges or issues on the CAGD platform are the reason.


The truth is that the only solution we can provide is a defensive action rather than a proactive and preventive solution.

This is because people in authority do not provide the actual reason that can be considered for prevention.

The defensive solution we can provide is that government workers, especially teachers, must always have an emergency fund set aside for dangerous situations like not receiving salaries for a month.

We all know the trauma and the psychological pressure of not meeting our financial needs.


salary validation
salary validation

The standard rule also is that everyone must have at least six (6) months of emergency funds in case of an emergency. Or at least three (3) months of emergency funds.

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