Salary Validation Wahala Episodes in Ghana 

salary validation

Salary Validation Wahala Episodes in Ghana

One of our main admins did not receive salaries from February 2024 to April 2024 due to salary validation issues. It is interesting to note such a situation could happen to the admins who are regularly advising members about how to prevent such issues.


It turned out to be that there are countless scenarios that could cause someone not to receive a salary even after validation.


We will therefore use the opportunity to disclose all the countless reasons why you would not receive a salary. The salaries could be delayed over several months.


While some of the issues arise because someone is validated, other issues occur because the person was not validated.


In addition, we will also disclose why you can be validated and still get into a problem. As well as why you won’t be validated and its associated complications.


Also, we will advise members about the actions they could take to resolve any issue they encounter.


The actions involved both preventive and defensive mechanisms.


It must also be noted that the issue involved teachers more than any other profession.


Validation is the process established by the government to confirm that government staff worked for their salaries. Management units had to approve the salary for their staff before the salary is paid.


This salary validation mechanism ends up being the reason many government workers rather encounter salary complications. Though this mechanism is very good for its purpose.


salary validation
salary validation


The worst part of the salary validation process is the fact that it can deny you your salary that you worked for. This is because you may not receive salary arrears when the process of restoring the salary is beyond a certain threshold.


Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be talking about the issues and the teachers and other workers whose salaries are being lost unnecessarily. Surprisingly, teacher unions are not seen to be pressing home these issues. Even if they are doing it behind the scenes, it is not known.

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