We Need Our Staff ID Before July. Newly Posted Teachers Declare.

Why can’t managers of Ghana Education Service apply just the ‘T’ at the end of SMART decisions that they taught us at school? One of the newly posted teachers argued. It seems the staff IDs are released on an as and when basis without any information on timelines.

Though some lists of staff IDs are already released, Ghana Education Service seems not to care about the principle of appropriate communication regarding any timeline with respect to the release of the remaining staff IDs, while they expect the same principle of communication to be taught by the teachers.

While the staff IDs for new staff in some districts have been released, other districts are in the dark as to when their staff IDs will be released, including Mion district in the Northern Region.

The concerns of most new teachers are hunger, rent and utilities bills that are affecting their core functions as teachers. Worse of all, the teachers whose staff IDs are yet to be released expect some form of communication regarding when their staff IDs will be released to calm their anxieties.

They are therefore hoping the Ghana Education Service will do the needful and release their staff IDs before the month of July, according to audio from some of the staff who are gathering on social media platforms.

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