Watch How A Gas Cylinder Exploded At Student’s Hostel [Link to short video attached]

Watch How A Gas Cylinder Exploded At Student’s Hostel [Link to short video attached]

Gas cylinders can be very handy for many domestic purposes. Apart from being portable and providing relatively smoke-free cooking, cooking gas is relatively cheaper than other sources of fuel for cooking. However, the gas cylinder has a major danger of explosion, especially those with direct cooking on them without any hose connecting the gas to a burner. The danger of a gas cylinder explosion became a reality. Watch how a gas cylinder exploded at a student’s hostel with a link to a short video below.

The incident occurred at Volo Community Day Senior High School where some of the boys are housed in a hostel. The students were using a small-sized gas cylinder which has a direct burner on the cylinder. According to accounts, the boys involved decided to prepare stew for their consumption between 6:30pm to 7:00pm. However, after the boys finished their cooking, the regulator of the cylinder refused to turn off.

At the heat of moments, one of the boys decided to inform his colleagues they could remove the whole burner on top of the cylinder and use a key to block the exit point for the gas to stop flowing out. Admittedly, he claimed they had used the method before. But luck eluded the boys on this occasion and the gas cylinder caught fire in their attempt to remove the burner.

The incident which occurred on the 2nd February, 2023, drew the attention of others to the scene. The gathering were, however, advised to stay clear of the scene but that did not stop some of the students from taking a video from a range they perceived safe enough.

Explosion description

The gas cylinder burnt for some time before finally exploding. The explosion, which was perceived to be more than a bomb, however, did not lead to a total breaking or scattering of the cylinder. Even though the cylinder did not break into pieces, the explosion sent the cylinder into the sky at a speed the students could not trace and so could not even trace which direction the cylinder went.

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According to information, the students were unable to locate the cylinder after 18 hours of the incident. The students are likely to face more danger if they are able to locate the cylinder and start using it again since the incident may have caused structural damage to the cylinder. Click here to watch 1min 25sec video of the gas cylinder explosion

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