Training For Youth In Agriculture Under NEIP Has Started.

Applicants stand to receive a minimum of ten-thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc10,000.00).

Be on alert for a call or text message if you have applied for funds under NEIP’s Youth in Agriculture.

Be informed there is no payment of transportation fares to and from the training venue no matter where (district or town ) you commute from and also get to know other conditions during the program.

Be informed about the scheduled dates for the program.

The government of Ghana, through the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (NEIP), has launched the Youth in Agriculture project to boost the interest of the youth in Agriculture and for other reasons. The project with funding from the government’s Obatampa CARES program provided an opportunity for the youth to apply for funding for their agricultural business to boost production and also create jobs.

Under the Youth in Agriculture project, training of the applicants was to be organised for the youth to enhance their knowledge and skills that would be much needed to manage their farms. The training, which started today, 18th May, 2022, however, received late notice from the organisers, who called participants less than forty-eight hours before the training and text messages sent less than twenty-four hours before the training.

Unlike in the past where participants at training workshops organised by the government were given water throughout the program, fed and given transportation fares, this particular training provides only launch and one (1) litre of water. No matter anyone’s distance of travel to the training, the individual must forget about receiving a rebate on his or her transportation fare.

The training, which has seasoned moderators, is scheduled to end on Friday 20th May, 2022 for Volta Region applicants, with applicants grouped into categories for their farm operations. While maize and tuber farmers reported today, vegetable farmers are scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 19th, and livestock farmers earmarked for Friday 20th.

The training aspect of the Youth in Agriculture, which is programmed to take place in all regions of Ghana, has started with both Volta and Central regions. Those in other regions are therefore encouraged to keep their phones active for calls or text messages inviting applicants.

It is unclear when the application for the grants and loans will be granted to these young people who are into Agriculture for the much needed funds to be applied for their intended purpose.

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