Top 6 lesson learned from book – Wings Of Fire.

Top 6 lesson learned from book – Wings Of Fire.

1) We are all born with a divine fire in us.

Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire.
Every person possesses extraordinary power within himself. Once we realize that power, we should not let that potential go to waste. We should take steps towards achieving our goals by knowing that we have the power and are capable of what we want to achieve. We should always keep that fire burning in our souls and let it guide us.

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2) Total commitment is not just hard work; it is total involvement.
Commitment is not just working 24*7 or working with no direction or just completing the work before you anyhow. Commitment is the way of doing your task by putting your whole and soul into it. Total involvement is- your attention should be only on your job but nowhere else. Total involvement means doing the work with great excellence.

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3) Problems are part of life; sufferings is the essence of success.
365 days of the year are not the same. Everyone has to face ups and downs in their life, particularly on the path of achieving their dreams. But these obstacles do not come in your way to stop you. They come to teach you some lessons and to make you stronger than before. Sufferings might seem unpleasant; still, we should welcome them as we welcome pleasure because we can not really enjoy success until we have experienced suffering. We should learn from them, and we should use them as an opportunity to increase our standard.

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4) A big shot is nothing but a little shot that keeps on shooting.
Often we get overwhelmed by the notion of perfection or the notion of sudden big change in our life. But to accomplish the goal, we have to put it into work every single day. We can not get success overnight. It takes time, and our job is to do our defined work every day because success is a series of small wins.

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5) Naturally, major opportunities are accompanied by equally major challenges.
The bigger you dream, the harder you have to work, the harder challenges you have to confront in your journey. And this will be a futile expectation that with average efforts, you can achieve something extraordinary. There is a simple law if you want to achieve some great heights in your life, you should be prepared to face that many great challenges.

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6) Before God trusts you with success, you must prove yourself humble enough to handle the big prize.
Before god, reward your success. He always tests the person whether he deserves it or not. Therefore, always keep yourself grounded and be kind to others. Do not be egoist after getting a successor before that. Because God always favors those who are worth handling the success without being rude.

Credit: Mr. Pawan

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