5 Important Lessons I Learned from: The Compound Effect

5 Important Lessons I Learned from: The Compound Effect

1) Luck does NOT exist
People may look at someone on social media or real life achieving success and reaching their goals and think, “Wow. They are so lucky. Having it all must be nice.” However, the behind-the-scenes blood, sweat, tears, hard work, sleepless nights, sacrificed relationships, etc. are never going to be shown on Instagram or tweeted about.

Getting to your goals and making yourself proud is not something that should be left to chance or put off until you find your “big break.” When you think someone is “lucky”, you’re mistaken. The complete formula for “luck” as listed in “The Compound Effect” is:


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2. The earlier your changes begin, the sooner you reap the benefits

In my opinion, this is the core of what the compound effect is about. When you start making changes early and stick with them, you will see improvements quicker than if you start and stop. Consistency and small improvements over time are what will change the trajectory of your life.

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3. Focusing on willpower is futile

Willpower has let you (and me) down time and time again. You think that setting a goal and trying to be consistent in completing it is what will help you to get there…WRONG! In fact, focusing on your why-power is more important than the will.

Your why-power is just that: WHY. WHY are you setting this goal? WHY are you motivated to achieve this? Once you connect your core motivation to a goal you are setting, getting it done is a bit easier and even enjoyable.

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4. Knowing your triggers is ESSENTIAL

More than likely you have habits that you would deem “bad habits.” Knowing your bad habits is the first step to correcting them. The second step? Knowing what triggers them. Does your productivity slow down with the Twitter tab open at work? Does forgetting to bring a snack for the day make you want to eat out for lunch?

Writing down your bad habits and the occurrences that may cause them will help you in your quest to rectify them.

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5. Controlling what your brain consumes is a major key

When you put good, nourishing foods in your body, it runs at its best. Similarly, when you take in good news and positive media your brain performs better. Turning on the television or radio and consuming the news today can have a negative impact on your frame of mind. It can put you in a state of focusing on fear, lack and worries.

Instead, try to take in news, podcasts, music or any other form of media that will put you in a positive mindset to go achieve your goals.

For information that you will not get on TV or radio:

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