The State of Schools in Ukraine. [Link to a short video attached]

      The State of Schools in Ukraine. [Link to a short video attached]

      Russia’s bombs have destroyed schools in Ukraine, forcing children to long and sometimes dangerous commute.

      Ukrainian children need school buses. The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska told me about this problem.

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      Europe is now donating 14 million euros for this. And we need more.

      This is why the European Commission is organizing a solidarity campaign to donate school buses for Ukraine by early 2023. Together, we can help Ukrainian children – the future of Ukraine.” – President von der Leyen.

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      The Commission is calling on public and private entities in the EU and beyond to join forces and show solidarity, by donating in the coming months buses that are essential to bring Ukrainian children safely back to their schools.

      Watch the short video here

      Source: European Commission 

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