Teacher Remanded Over Riding License

      Teacher Remanded Over Riding License

      Teacher remanded over riding license: It has emerged that a teacher has been remanded for five (5) days. The teacher is set to reappear in court on the sixth day.

      The teacher’s crime was that he was riding without a license. Also, the motorbike was allegedly not registered.

      The information was disclosed by lawyer Oliver Barker-Vormawor on his Facebook wall. According to him, the information was sent to him for assistance. Below is the post on the Facebook page, which he captured as #InboxDiaries

      “Good evening boss.

      There is there issue l want to draw your attention to. The police in my area embarked on an operation to arrest motor riders without helmet, license and number plate (unregistered).

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      A teacher who was on his way to school was arrested on that day. He was process for court and the sad aspect was that he has been remanded into police custody for 5 days now awaiting to appear in court tomorrow. His only crime was that he was riding an unregistered motorbike and without a license too. Does that warrant a remand for 6 days?

      A teacher going to teach our children in school. Kindly bring this to public notice….”

      Source: Lawyer Oliver Barker-Vormawor Facebook Page

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