Student Command, Economic Fighters League, Message to the President of Ghana Bar Association (GBA) and the General Legal Council (GLC)


Student Command, Economic Fighters League, Message to the President of Ghana Bar Association (GBA) and the General Legal Council (GLC)

The Students’ Command of Economic Fighters League has noted the unethical and arrogant opinions posited by the President of GBA to back the tyrannical directive of GLC intended to coerce or force prospective students of law to sign an undertaking which bars them from calling for remarking of their entrance examination scripts of the Ghana School of law. In these remarks the President of the GBA dangerously and reductively described the people criticising the said tyrannical directive as being emotional. We must, in no uncertain terms, condemn these remarks which are an affront and should not be emanating from a leading member of GBA.

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The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Finance captured in their 2022 budget and policy statement presented to Parliament of Ghana, their intention to admit only 800 of estimated 2,500 applicants. This means the governing administration’s policy intends to bar 68% qualified prospective candidates from admission. This premeditated and calculative unlawfulness being pushed by the General Legal Council (GLC) is an unintelligent breach of students’ right to education and a violation of academic freedom. The Students Command of the Economic Fighters League does not and will not acknowledge the unlawful and unethical procedure for admission to professional law studies at the Ghana School of Law for the 2022/2023 academic year as issued by the GLC.

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In defence of this violation of rights, GBA President Mr Yaw Acheampong Boafo stated in an interview aired on JoyFM on Sunday, 14th August 2022 that, “Every examination body has its own rules and there is no declaration of human rights on examination.”

We must remind Mr Yaw Acheampong Boafo and the members of the Independent Examination Committee (IEC) of the GLC that they have only delegated authority for the purposes of serving the people and must never construe such mandate as absolute, or that they can capriciously bar qualified prospective students from accessing legal education. To do so is to close the gate which they have been mandated to open.

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In addition, Mr Boafo and the IEC of the GLC are reminded on the record that the deliberate intent to deny qualified students access to education and to actualize the same is a flagrant violation of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Articles 8 and 26) as well as a breach of the supremacy of all laws of Ghana.

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During the above-mentioned interview Mr. Yaw Acheampong Boafo was also heard to say, “The idea that I have expressed a desire to be a lawyer doesn’t mean I have to be a lawyer. When we were kids, we all wanted to be pilots but Ghana Airways is collapsed now. So the expression of desire does not necessarily mean that there is a corresponding obligation to let your desire come true.”

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Mr. Yaw Acheampong Boafo’s opinion supra is an extension of his imagination and alien to the Articles 11(7), 23 and 296 of the supremacy of all laws of Ghana.

A major challenge of legal education in Ghana has been the deliberate intent of successive government administrations, for decades to deny basic infrastructure and human resource. Government through the GLC has deliberately avoided the decentralisation of legal education to available and capable educational institutions nationwide, thus denying thousands of students access to legal education. Instead of opening up legal education the GLC is resorting to their callous claim of ‘unworkable rightful means’ to address the soaring demand.

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The Students’ Command of the Economic Fighters League calls upon prospective students/candidates to stand their ground. Do not be compelled to participate in this unlawfulness by signing any such imposed undertaking. We are with you. Stand your ground!

Revolutionary Regards,

Commander Arimiyaw Wusama
Head of Student Command
Economic Fighters League
+233 24 899 1960

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