Special Prosecutor To Be Petitioned Over Nurses’ Postings.

      Help to identify the people on the list to facilitate the petition process.

      Nurses and other health workers at the facilities below should help identify the list of alleged 2020 batch of nurses who were posted to work while their seniors are still in the house through the sale of clearance slots.

      It is not uncommon for money to be paid before being recruited to work in any government institution. However, the recent allegation is causing anger among sections of the 2019 batch of nursing trainees who were not posted, yet the Ministry of Health has allegedly written a letter to back postings of some nurses who completed in later year 2020. The letter, which was difficult to verify its authenticity, has some related proofs with a list of 2020 batch of trained nurses being posted to report at work on 1st June 2022.

      In a country where well-meaning people are reluctant to engage in a course not directly affecting them due to victimisation, a member of the Economic Fighters League, EFL, has decided to petition the Special Prosecutor to unravel the veracity of the alleged underhand dealings to short change the 2019 batch of trained nurses.

      In attempt to gather strong evidence to support his petition, the Fighter is asking health professionals in the following health facilities, mainly in Savannah Region to confirm the year of completion of the nurses posted to report at work on the 1st of June 2022 at their various health facilities.

      The list allegedly circulated by the authorities of Savannah health directorate for the 2020 batch of nurses to report is hereby attached, as well as the letter allegedly from the ministry of health that gave backing to the posting. Interestingly enough, and a basis to seek extra proof is the fact that only two groups of trained nurses can complete their rotation/national service in a year. The main batch and their colleagues who have sat their referred exams. And from the norm and/or tradition, junior colleagues at training school could not complete their rotation or service in the same year as their seniors, which is contrary to the letter from the Ministry of Health.

      The letter backing POSTINGS of 2020 Trainees

      Alleged list of posted 2020 batch trainees: Scan 16 May 2022

      By: Fighter (0235226178)

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