Regular updates of scam in Ghana

      Regular updates of scam in Ghana

      Scam in Ghana, beware: We have taken our time to identify the possible ways fraudsters can scam people.


      Kindly read it well to protect yourself against fraudsters anywhere.

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      Firstly, never give any code sent to your phone to anyone if you love yourself or your family or your group members.

      Below is the list of possible methods scammers adopt to dupe unsuspecting members of the public | Scam in Ghana

      1. sending/asking for codes for a reason: never entertain anyone asking for codes

      2. winning a promotion you never participated in: Do not entertain

      3. Double your money, like world remit schemes etc: Do not deal with institutions not registered with the Bank of Ghana. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      4. Sending of text messages as if it were a momo transaction and later call for reverse sending: never reverse any money and ask the person to inform MTN or telco to reverse any money

      5. After receiving mobile money (momo) from a known or unknown number and unknown person call for reversal: never reverse any money and ask the person to inform MTN or telco to reverse any money. (The money could actually be for you)

      6. BITCASH or world remit or Safeway or Qnet or Walfago or steward schemes etc transactions that are conducted on the official website of the institution and such institutions are not registered with the Bank of Ghana to operate. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      7. Paying application fees for scholarships

      8. Any institution/country giving out or sharing free money

      9. Any institution/country giving out or sharing free data/computers. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      10. A supposed fetish priest calling to claim he/she has been paid to kill you and needs a better offer of payment

      11. National lottery and anything lotto online

      12. Engaging G.E.S payroll issues facilitators that are l not referred to you by a known person. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      13. Engaging G.E.S recruitment, postings and change of school facilitators that are not referred to you by known people

      14. Taking loans through third parties

      15. Romance scams are mostly on men. The fraudsters, females or males posing as females, begin to seduce the victim with words and even actions to later demand assistance in the form of cash. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      16. Romance scams where the fraudster directly tries to seduce or propose and later makes demands.

      17. Fixed matches or fixed odds

      18. Controller arrears fraud where fraudsters would provide credentials that match a CAGD officer and ask you to take a loan to balance your Legacy arrears. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      19. Engaging any other recruitment connection-men or middle-men that are not referred to you by known people. (They won’t have any sympathy/ pity for you). There are uncountable reasons they can tell you why it did not work.

      21. Appealing to conscious of people for alms or help using fake circumstances like hunger, health, education etc. |Scam in Ghana, beware|

      22. Fraudsters normally enter whatsapp groups and leave later just to have contact of the group members, in the members/participants list section. (a big disadvantage for whatsapp groups and the reason people need to move to our telegram page)


      23. Upgrading of WAEC results. You must be informed WAEC results can not be upgraded | Scam in Ghana, beware|


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