Public holidays in Ghana this year: Check Long weekends ones.

      Public Holidays in Ghana

      Public holidays in Ghana this year

      Ghana has twelve (12) main public holidays. Public holidays in Ghana are days when all formal sector workers do not go to work. The public holidays have national interest and/or appeal.


      The government through the Ministry of Interior (MoI) normally issues press statements to declare the day a public holiday.


      Both public and private sector workers do not work. Though some private institutions can have an agreement with their employees to work on the day for extra remuneration. This means that employers can not force employees to work on the day.


      Few facts

      1. When a public holiday in Ghana fall on a weekend then the next working day is observed as the public holiday. Therefore, when a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, then Monday will be observed as a holiday.

      2. The public holidays are mostly religious holidays and national interest holidays.

      3. The country has other holidays. However, those holidays are commemorative. This means workers must go to work. But, the government holds national official functions to remember the day.


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      The twelve (12) public holidays are:

      1. New Year holiday on the 1st of every year to mark the beginning of the year. Christians influence the holiday largely due to the activities of Christians on the 31st of the previous year. The majority of Christians go to overnight church services to thank God and worship him for his guidance during the year.

      2. Constitution Day holiday on 7th January of every year to remember and celebrate the fourth constitution. And to celebrate the fourth republic of the country, Ghana.

      3. Independence Day holiday on the 6th March of every year to remember and celebrate the independence of the country, Ghana.

      4. Good Monday (Easter Monday) holiday of every year to celebrate Easter.

      5. Eid al-Fitr on 24th April of this year. The date varies according to Islamic customs.

      6 Labour Day or May Day (Workers Day) on 1st May of every year. Citizens celebrate all workers all workers on the day.



      7. Eid Al-Adha on 28th June of this year. The date varies every year. The holiday celebrates to end the of fasting by Muslims

      8. Founders Day on 4th August of every year. Ghanaians use the day to remember the founders of the country, Ghana. The founders are everyone who contributed to the independence of the country.

      9. Kwame Nkrumah Day is the 21st of September of every year: This is Kwame Nkrumah memorial day to remember and celebrate the contribution of the first president of the country. The day, 21s September is the birthday of Kwame Nkrumah

      10. Farmers Day holiday is the first Friday in December of every year: This holiday is called Farmers Day. The day is set to celebrate farmers in the country and their contribution to the country.

      11. Christmas holiday on 25th December of every year: Ghanaians celebrate Christmas day which is assumed to be the day Jesus Christ was born. The day is declared a holiday.

      12. Boxing day is 26th December of every year. Boxing day is day to celebrate share giving after Christmas.

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