People Of Dorfor Tornu Ceased Sharing Drinking Water With Animals

The assembly man for the area was instrumental in a construction of mechanised borehole.

The community is located in the North Tongu District of Volta Region.

Stakeholders and the community members were very grateful.

The mechanised borehole was provided by a Non-governmental Organization under the name VJ Water Project.

The people of Dorfor Tornu continue to lack potable drinking water since time immemorial with its health and social complications. The community located in the North Tongu District of Volta used to share drinking water with animals. Their water situation even becomes worse in dry seasons when the shared water dries up.

There was a sigh of relief for the community members, who are about a population of 750 people, on the 25th January, 2022, when a mechanised borehole was handed over to the community for use. The mechanised borehole which was estimated to cost around fifty four thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc54,000) was constructed by VJ Water Project.

The assembly man for the electoral area, Dorfor Adidome electoral area, of which Dorfor Tornu belongs,  Hon. Tse Jupiter Azietor, wondered how much he could thank the NGO for the facility. The rest of the community members were equally elated about how they would not be sharing drinking water with animals anymore. The community people expect not to fall sick frequently like they used to with the new facility. Students who also have to trek long distances in search of water during the dry season can afford to take a sigh of relief during those periods.

Despite the provision of this mechanised borehole, the people in the electoral area are praying for the day they will have potable water either under any state institution like Ghana community water company etc.

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