NEDCo Chases Customers For Ghc1.2bn Debt In A Month Operation From 18th April

      NEDCo Chases Customers For Ghc1.2bn Debt In A Month Operation From 18th April

      The Northern Electricity Distribution Company, NEDCo, chases customers for Ghc1.2bn debt. The month-long operation will start tomorrow, Tuesday 18th April 2023.

      The operation will take staff of the company to the field for aggressive debt collection without fear of favor. Due to the importance of the exercise to the company, only a skeletal staff will be at the offices to facilitate customer service that anyone may visit the offices for.

      Customers, both institutional and individual owners, are therefore, urged to prepare to pay off their debt or prepare for a disconnection of their electricity.

      Highlights of the mass revenue mobilization exercise

      1. NEDCo has about Ghc1.2bn in receivables. That is debts owed by its customers.

      2. NEDCo owes the power generator (VRA) Ghc1.6bn

      3. NEDCo owes the power transmitter (GRIDCo) Ghc481m

      4. NEDCo spends an average of about Ghc120m monthly on making power available to its cherished customers.

      5. NEDCo collects an average of Ghc85m monthly from its cherished customers.

      6. At this rate, NEDCo is, therefore, unable to recoup an average of Ghc35m monthly.

      7. The exercise will also be used to check various forms of illegal connections and interference with the NEDCo network.

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      It is observed from the highlights that, without a mass revenue mobilization exercise like the impending one, the Northern Electricity Distribution Company would be doomed. The sustainability of the company is in jeopardy with Ghc1.2bn on its books. A collapse of the company is looming. Customers (both institutional and individual) are therefore, encouraged to respond positively to the payment of their payment of face disconnection, according to management

      Customers, whether institutional or individual, who engage in any illegal connections and interference will be dealt with the laws of the country. Illegal connections are also responsible for the loss of revenue that threatens the sustainability of the company.

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