Law Students And Ghanaians In Trouble. Rise Up Now, According To Kwaku Azar.

Law Students And Ghanaians In Trouble. Rise Up Now, According To Kwaku Azar.


1. The 50% entrance exam pass mark set to enter Ghana Law School (GLS) has been set aside by IEC and GLC by an administrative fiat.

2. Remember cats and dogs elsewhere have lawyers, but can you afford a lawyer in Ghana with the current system if more law students are not admitted because of a certain group of people? The reason you and the general public must join the law students to demand reforms

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These are the next possible criteria to enter law school according to the law professor at the forefront of championing legal reforms in the country.

Announcing the information on his Facebook page, Kwaku Azar wrote:

By an administrative fiat, the IEC and GLC have set aside the 50% pass mark, which they kotokiokosly attempted to do last year to disqualify over 400 students to the utter chagrin of Ghanafuo.

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So rather than eat this humble pie, these lords of Legal Education have now pre-announced the 2022-2023 passing rule, as follows:

“Elegible applicants who attain the minimum threshold mark set by the General Legal Council for this particular year will be offered admission for the 2022/2023 academic year to pursue the Professional Law Course”

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There you have it! The pass rate is whatever the lords say it is.

The same administrative fiat used to introduce interviews and exams, which was found to be unconstitutional!

You wonder if these Lords understand the administrative law or precedent!

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We should not wait till September to complain. We should nip this unconstitutionality in the bud NOW.

But there is a deeper problem here. Legal Education is in the wrong hands and the quality of law and justice have fallen precipitously because of it!

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