Ladies In Campus Politics At University for Development Studies

      UDS’ electoral commission announces the opening of nominations for the 2022 Students Representative Council (SRC) elections.

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      Nomination fees cost between Ghc400.00 and Ghc550.00 cedis for various positions.

      Discover the everyday ladies who want to change the face of campus politics and ladies who are fore runners in the 2022 campus elections.

      Politics is a dirty game, as it has been referred to. Ladies in politics, especially young ladies, have the extra burden of being called names for several reasons and that is the reason any female who wishes to enter into politics, whether national or campus politics, must be prepared in mind to overcome the unforeseen challenges. As school resumes fully from the Covid-19 restrictions, campus politics is gathering steam and a few ladies on the campus of University for Development Studies (UDS) have laced their boots to contest various positions in the up-coming elections on campus.

      1. Iddrisu Minora is a courageous young lady who is vying for the position of SRC Women’s Commissioner on the Tamale Campus of University for Development Studies. Anyone who wishes to contact her to offer support in any form can reach her through the email account Support can be in the form of words or the offer of campaign strategies.

      2. Zakaria Baba Suhaila. Suhaila is also vying for SRC Women’s Commissioner on the Tamale Campus of University for Development Studies in the upcoming 2022 SRC elections. The aspirant who has her message clearly spelt out on a first glance of her posters has hashtags like #empowermemttogether and #theFutureIsFemale. Zakaria Baba Suhaila’s email address is stated as and any strategic support will be highly welcomed.

      3. Esther Lartey Lord is picking a bigger challenge to contest a position that features male contestants as well. The poll, which will not be an all-female affair or a walk over for any of the candidates, is an indication of the mental preparedness of Esther Lartey. She will definitely need the support of both her colleagues, females and males, to win the race. The fear is that her female colleagues will rather let her down, since her competence for the post is not in question. Esther Lartey Lord is contesting for UDS’s  Basic Education Students Association.

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