Independence Day Concert | History | Find Details of Artists For Ho Concert On 3rd March Here

      Independence Day Concert | History | Find Details of Artists For Ho Concert On 3rd March Here

      It is a known fact that the journey to Ghana’s political independence was a rough one. Though there was no gorilla war associated with it, the activities and negotiations were tough. The citizens must be happily tired as well. Then came the final declaration of independence by the leadership of the movement that fought the independence struggle. Led by the late Osaegyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the program outline for the independence declaration, did not forget the independence day concert.


      The motive for the inclusion of the independence day concert can not be overemphasized. First of all, the people of Ghana must be tired during the struggle for independence. A concert to give physical, emotional and psychological relief to the citizens was not out of place.


      Secondly, it is rare that any celebration can take place without music. That is the reason the organizers of the 6th March 1957 independence day thought it wise to include a celebration that included Ghanaian music. Ghanaian music at the time was known as “Agoogo”. Even though music has transformed in the country from the original “Aggogo” music to highlife to afro music etc, the originality of the “Agoogo” tunes is not totally lost. Indeed, all musicians in the country and other parts of Africa continue to highlight the significance of authentic Ghanaian music and sounds as the root of their craft.


      It is for this reason the organizers of this year’s independence day celebration decided to name this year’s concert Gh Agoogo concert. Also, though the independence day celebration concert was held a day after independence day (6th March), the organizers of this year’s independence day celebration decided to hold the associated concert before independence day itself. The primary reason being that patrons usually get tired after the independence day celebration.


      Economic benefits

      Apart from the independence day concert serving as a source of entertainment for patrons and a celebration of authentic Ghanaian music, the concert also serves as a source of market for traders. It is a known fact that any town which hosts the independence day concert usually get short of sachet water for the celebration window.


      The concert also draws citizens from other parts of the country to the concert. This therefore serves as a driver of domestic tourism.


      In addition, foreigners who visit the country for the purposes of observing Ghana’s independence celebration get the chance to enjoy and appreciate authentic Ghanaian music.


      Program outline of the independence day concert

      This year’s independence day concert celebration is scheduled to take place in Ho, the Volta Regional capital. The program is scheduled to come off on Friday 3rd March 2023. The venue is the Ho sports stadium. As usual of any national entertainment program outline, the concert is slated to take off at 5:00pm till day break (TDB). It must be stated that there is no entry fee being charged. It’s free entry.


      For further information or enquiries, interested persons can contact Phrims Entertainment, organisers of the concert in collaboration with the 66th day independence celebration, on 0209098655.


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      The artists billed for the program are:

      1. Camidoh as guest artist

      2. Chief One

      3. Isreal Mawueta

      4. Felinuna

      5. Hans Bekx

      6. Jah Phingah

      7. Eduwodzi

      8. JJ Gonami

      9. Torgbe No. 9

      10. Hecta

      11. Eyram Vibez

      12. Fiamor

      13. Tony

      14. Afro Khelly

      15. Bimba

      16. Shanty

      17. Briano

      18. Taffy

      19. Roo Dude


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