1. Get into flow.

      Take your first step to create momentum

      Learn how to control your mind for fast results

      To create flow in your life, do this

      • Write 3 task to undertake
      • Set timer of 50 minutes
      • Take breaks of 10 mins
      • Repeat until you finish the task.

      2. Manage your input, not the outcome

      Quit the need to control everything, handle what you can.

      Be disciplined enough to show up daily

      Don’t overwork yourself

      If you read 10 pages of your favourite book in a month you’ll have read 300 pages.

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      3. Break down your tasks

      Brick by brick, Rome was built.

      Focus on smaller tasks to help you build your personal goals.

      Don’t get overwhelmed

      As much as you want to finish the task, your mental health is equally important

      4. Manage your surrounding

      Could be you need new condition from your current one?

      Do this;

      • Arrange your workspace
      • Change your location
      • Modify the surrounding

      Your environment should 100% help you get in flow quick.

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      5. Work with deadlines

      Be self-disciplined to stick to your plans.

      Reward yourself after finishing tasks on time

      You’ll feel motivated to get things done.

      6. Create a routine.

      A routine will help you develop habits that’ll help you build consistency

      Simplify your routine to enjoy the process

      In your routine include;

      • 7 hours of sleep
      • 6 hours of deep work
      • 30 minutes of workout

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      7. Take care of your health

      Your body need energy of execution.

      That’s you need;

      • To get 7 hours sleep
      • Eat balanced diet
      • Drink 3-4 litres of water

      You’ll never feel to procrastinate when you’re physically and mentally fit.

      8. Hack your emotions

      You won’t feel motivated getting things done everytime

      Train yourself to work in times you don’t feel like

      You’ll get a lot done of you if you learn how to control your thoughts.

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      9. Fix your schedule

      Write a simple to-do list to help you plan the day

      You’ll eliminate jumbled thoughts.

      If you align your mind, your day will be productive.
      Let’s get better together

      Source: Leaders Junction

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