How Scammer Used Teacher To Defraud others Ghc45000 Innocently | Control your urge to help people through protocol | Using 8 years to repay the unforgiving

      How Scammer Used Teacher To Defraud others Ghc45000 Innocently | Control your urge to help people through protocol | Using 8 years to repay the unforgiving

      A scammer has successfully used a teacher to defraud others Ghc45000. Even though people in their right mind could ask why such a fraud scheme succeeded, the adrenaline that accompanies protocol transactions, as disclosed, means any other person could easily fall a victim. For the purposes of reference, the teacher at the center of the fraud scheme is located in one of the Yunyoo-Nasuan district in the North-East Region of Ghana. Unfortunately, he has become a defrauded celebrity that everyone now sympathizes with in the district.



      1. Within a space of about two months, a fraudster was able to dupe a teacher of his meagre salary and over fifty (50) people an amount of four hundred and fifty thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc45,000)

      2. A fraudster posted his fraud scheme on a social media platform for teachers to indicate that he is able to help teachers upgrade their salary to commensurate with their certificate.

      3. Remember a lot of teachers hold higher certificates but the bureaucratic channel is unable to enable them to adjust their salaries to match their certificates

      4. The fraud scheme also includes a false ability to recruit teachers along with many other payroll services that teachers usually suffer with.

      5. A teacher who had not been upgraded through the official system for many years decided to contact the fraudster for his service.

      6. The fraudster, as usual, provided timelines of the periods that the system of CADG would open for input to be done and when the teacher should expect confirmation of a successful deal.

      7. Interestingly, on the 19th of the month, the fraudster informed the teacher that the input for a salary upgrade had been reflected in the CAGD successfully.

      8. The teacher then paid for his part of the deal.

      9. The fraudster, having noticed he had dealt with someone who would not wait for his money to reflect in his accounts, decided to introduce the teacher to the second phase of the fraud scheme. He told the teacher he could help upgrade the salaries of deserving teachers who are holding their certificates without salary upgrade.

      10. Also, the fraudster informed the teacher that he was able to recruit people into the Ghana Education Service during the period which coincided with the period the Ghana Education Service recruitment process is ongoing.

      11. An elated teacher decided to help his colleagues to also upgrade their salaries, since he was able to upgrade his salary as well. Also, the teacher has now decided to look for unemployed graduates who want to be employed as teachers. However, all prospects must make part payments before work is done on all payroll services. Also, part payments must be made by prospects seeking recruitment into the Ghana Education Service. The down payments range between two hundred Ghana cedis (Ghc200) and two thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc2,000)

      12. An enthusiastic teacher innocently decided to zoom into prospecting for the scammer under the misguided belief that he was helping colleagues and unsuspecting unemployed graduates in his communities.

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      13. Under a space of ten (10) days, a whooping sum was transferred to the fraudster before the teacher could sense danger around the 29th of the month when his salary did not reflect the upgraded salary he was expecting.

      14. Despite the danger that was sensed by the teacher, the fraudster introduced a phase three scheme on the teacher.

      15. At this stage, the fraudster informed the teacher about the need for top ups of the part payments for a speedy process. More transfers followed.

      16. By the close of the second month and the demand for more payments brought the elaborate scheme to a conclusion.

      Coming up: investigations, and the reactions of the colleague teachers and the unemployed graduates

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