How High Blood Pressure (BP) Can Make You Loose Memory Or Vision Even At An Early Age

Do you know that high blood pressure can make you lose vision, albeit partially?

High blood pressure can equally make an individual loose his or her memory to the extent that the person can become confused and/or act as though he or she is insane.

Gradual loss of vision and memory is now common among young adults.

Fortunately, prevention, control and management of high blood pressure is mostly lifestyle changes. Learning the early signs and symptoms and control measures can help extend the age at which gradual loss of vision and memory sets in with this complete guide.

Blood pressure is the force or pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. Normal blood pressure for adults is a systolic pressure (figure on top) of 120 or less and diastolic pressure (figure at bottom) of 80 or less. Blood pressure changes throughout the day based on one’s activity or lifestyle. Causes of high blood pressure are:

1 . Obesity

2 . Lack of exercise

3 . Taking in too much salt or sugar

4 . Stress

5 . Smoking

6. Eating late in the night

7 . Family history

8 . Alcoholism

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure are:

1 . Headache

2 . Irregular heartbeat

3. Blurred vision

4. Nausea

5. Chest pains

6 . Difficulty breathing

7 . Trouble concentrating or confusion

Uncontrolled blood pressure can damage blood vessels and make them narrow or weak, which can make the blood vessels burst or even become blocked. A burst or blocked blood vessels would result in decreased blood supply to the brain, leading to less oxygen and nutrients that must be supplied to the part of the brain cells responsible for vision and/or memory. The reduced oxygen and nutrients supply to that part of the brain results in damage to that part of the brain, causing vision loss and/or loss of memory and confusion that can make the person start behaving like he or she is insane.

It must be noted that extreme vision loss and/or memory loss are complications associated with high blood pressure and individuals, therefore, need to control their level of blood pressure even if the high blood pressure just begins to develop, so as to limit the level of damage or level of complications that can result. Fortunately, most of the prevention or control measures are mostly lifestyle behaviours. Prevention measures are:

1 . Keep a healthy weight

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

3. Do regular physical exercise

4 . Avoid alcohol intake

5 . Reduce stress

6 . Avoid smoking

7. Stop eating late in the night

8 . Cut down on sugar and salt intake

9 . Cut down caffeine intake .

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country with young adults forming a sizeable proportion of people battling with this disease. Though this condition, high blood pressure, is a lifestyle disease, individuals need to put in a conscious effort to avoid this disease or if a person is already having this disease, the person should do his or her best to prevent any complications of the above complications from developing due to the dangers associated with complications.

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