NTC marked correct answers to GTLE past questions wrong

      NTC marked correct answers to GTLE past questions wrong | Check out answer to question 57

      Examiners of the Ghana teacher licensure examination marked some correct answers to the GTLE past questions wrongs. Leaked candidates’ exam scripts have revealed the assertion.


      Kofi Asare, the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Education Watch, has leaked some GTLE past questions and answers provided by some candidates.


      Though it is unknown the reason why Kofi Asare leaked the scripts.


      Sections of the scripts have shown that examiners marked some correct answers wrong.


      An example is the answer a candidate provided to questions twelve (12) and fifty-seven (57) respectively. Below is the questions and possible options to the questions.


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      Question 12.

      Attached is picture document of the question 12. And the candidates response to the question.

      GTLE past questions
      GTLE past questions


      Question 57.

      Question 57 reads:

      “The best way a teacher can handle a wrong answer by a learner is to”


      A. Call another learner to respond

      B. Explain why the answer is wrong

      C. Ignore the wrong answer

      D. Scold the learner


      The candidate’s answer

      This particular candidate chose option B to be the correct answer.


      However, examiners marked the answer wrong.


      Social media debate over the GTLE past questions and answers

      Teachers and some sections of the general public are currently engaged in a social debate over some of the answers which were marked wrong by the examiners.


      Especially a debate concerning question 57.


      Many people believe the candidate’s response or answer to question 57 is correct.


      Conspiracy theories

      Already, sections of the public believe the high failure rate of 84.5 is artificial.


      They believe the primary employer in the country, the government, has a role to play in the failures.


      They believe a mass failure will technically prevent qualified candidates from applying for government postings.


      Therefore, the conspiracy will gain much validity if the examiners are actually wrong with their preferred choice of correct answer to question 57.


      Need for mass remarking

      The revelation in the leaked scripts may encourage many candidates to request re-marking of scripts in mass.


      However, candidates who request re-marking never obtain any significant increase in examination marks in the country.

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