Government’s New E-levy Halted Again By Minority. Modified Version Passed

      Government’s New E-levy Halted Again By Minority. Modified Version Passed

      1. The government’s revenue projections for 2023 are set to suffer another blow again, just like that of the 2022 estimates when minority MPs frustrated the existing E-levy bill.

      2. During the latest budget presentation by the minister of finance to parliament on the 24th November, 2022, the minister of finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, disclosed that the current Electronic Levy will be revised with some details.

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      3. The minister disclosed that the current rate of 1.5% being applied to electronic money transfers will be revised down to one percent.

      4. The minister also mentioned the daily tax free threshold of Ghc100 would be eliminated.

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      5. However, the minority MPs who believe eliminating the daily thresholds will have a harsher impact on the poor in society demanded the daily thresholds remain.

      6. The minority further argued that inflation and other economic factors have reduced the minimum thresholds to even a lesser amount which needed to be maintained.

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      7. The minority, which quietly outnumber the majority in parliament for whatever reason, even though the majority has a greater number of MPs, are having a field day by succeeding in voting decisions.

      8. The minority, therefore, was able to make sure the daily tax-free Ghc100 threshold is maintained for the purposes of the E-levy.

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      9. Finally, the tax rate of 1.5 which is currently in force has also been revised successfully to one percent.

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