GNAT President Rev. Isaac Owusu Must Call The Rank and File Of GNAT To Order: Leader Of GNAT-National

A threat of national security picking up the leader of the advocacy group has been communicated to the leader. Download Telegram app from’playstore’ to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram One Telegram Platform

The GNAT local chairman sent to leader of the advocacy group at school by order from above, as confirmed by the screen shot below and an audio recording which was requested by the messenger for everyone to record.

Warning and/or advice phone calls were made to the advocacy leader by the district chairman and regional secretary.

A delegation from the GNAT structure is scheduled to meet the leader of the advocacy group at school.

No one knows the next action to be taken due to the advocacy for electoral college expansion being championed by the Volunteers.

Every democratic dispensation allows advocacy for the greater good. It is for this reason a group of GNAT members decided to advocate for the expansion of the electoral college in GNAT to give voting rights to all GNAT school reps and local executives to elect all GNAT executives, including National executives. However, it is not everyone who would have to support an idea for change and that is being exhibited by such people in GNAT.

In an attempt to find a fault to pin down key members of the group, a GNAT logo which was downloaded and used to accompany an article was found as a means to intimidate and harass the leader of the advocacy group. Though the leader of the group had replaced the said logo and even offered an unconditional apology without admitting any wrong doing just to let sleeping dogs lie and build consensus among executives, some elements within GNAT have decided to haunt and intimidate the leader of the movement with national security.

It is for this reason, the leader of the group advocating for the electoral college in GNAT to be expanded called on the president of the union to call his rank and file to order and for them to stop harassing the leader of the movement, as the father of the union and minister of God.

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