GNAT Executives Advised The Leader Of GNAT-National Volunteers For His Own Good

To be considered according to the leader.

No change comes easily. They are mostly demanded.

There are casualties associated with demands for any change. A Volunteer Fighter could be that casualty to be associated with the demand for voting rights for school reps and local executives in GNAT.

A group of ordinary GNAT members, of about 16,500 members on social media, who believe the delegate system in the GNAT decision process should be relegated are massing up on One Telegram Platform for ALL GNAT MEMBERS to demand voting rights for their school reps and local executives to elect all GNAT officials. Download Telegram (it’s just like whatsapp) to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram Platform

However, the executives of GNAT, notably the district chairman and regional secretary, who had a phone conversation with the leader of the movement, advised the Volunteers’ leader to rather stop the national mobilisation for the agenda and rather channel his arguments through his GNAT local through the region to National Congress. The main reason for their advice was that GNAT logo related images which are owned by the union are being used without permission, which could attract a law suit.

The leader of the grassroots members, who was adamant in his response to the GNAT executive’s position, maintained that the members were not even using the original GNAT logo from the beginning and would have no problem reversing back to any other image as their profile images. Rather, it is the agenda that is ultimate.

Download Telegram (it’s just like whatsapp) to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram Platfor

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