Ghana Fire Service Recruitment 2023

      Ghana Fire Service Recruitment 2023

      Ghana National Fire Service has announced the passing-out parade for newly trained recruits for the year 2023. It is unclear when the Ghana Fire Service recruitment 2023 was announced.

      However, the Ghana National Fire Service has announced that the passing-out of the new recruits will take place on 14th April 2023.

      The passing-out parade will take place at Addisu Square, Fire Academy and Training School on Friday. The number of recruits is unknown, though there is fifty-four (54) written on the flyer that announced the information.

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      About the Ghana National Fire Service

      The objective of the Ghana National Fire Service is to manage and prevent undesired fires.

      To attain a World Class fire and rescue status thereby providing quality and efficient services to the Citizenry.

      Under Ghana National Fire Service Act, 1997, Act 537, the following are the functions the Service is mandated to perform;

      Organize Public Fire Education Programmes to:
      Create and sustain awareness of the hazards of fire.
      Heighten the role of the individual in the prevention of fire.
      Provide Technical advice for building plans in respect of machinery and structural layouts to facilitate escape from fire, rescue operations and fire management.
      Inspect and offer technical advice on fire extinguishers
      Co-ordinate and advice on the training of personnel in firefighting departments of institutions in the country.
      Train and organize Fire Volunteer Squads at community level.
      Offer rescue and Evacuation services to those trapped by fire or in other emergency situations, and
      Undertake any other function incidental to the objective of the Service.

      Act 537 has given the following powers to the Service in pursuant of its roles.

      Any member of the service who is on duty may without the consent of the occupiers.
      Enter and if necessary, break into any premises or place in which a fire has broken out or of extinguishing or dealing with the fire.
      Do all such things in the premises or place as he may deem necessary for extinguishing or dealing with the fire.
      Any member of the service may in order to deal with an outbreak of fire, enter any land or premises.
      To ensure the use of the water under the control of any person.
      To improve the access to any such water and
      To lay and maintain hydrants and to carry out other works in connection with the power above.

      We serve on the National Security Council, REGSEC, DISEC and committees of other Institutions – NADMO, EPA, Planning Committee of District Assemblies.
      We perform other National Assignments


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