GES Director collapses during Independence Day parade

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      GES Director collapses during Independence Day parade

      Independence celebration in the country is usually associated with march pass by school children, adult groups and associations and the security services. The march pass on the independence day celebration is also usually associated with the falling of participants.  Even though the falling of participants is mostly among school children, who participate in the march pass, this year’s event has registered a big fish. It was disclosed that the GES Director collapses during independence day celebration that took place yesterday. According to which broke the news, gave details of events below:

      The Garu District Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Philip Fredrick Alale, collapsed during the 66th Independence Day celebration parade.

      It happened while Mr Alale was standing on the dais with other dignitaries.

      Adom News’ Halidas Dasmani reports that Mr Alale stood in the scorching sun for hours and it is believed that might have resulted in his fainting.

      The incident occurred while members of a school cadet were displaying their drill skills amid the playing of the national anthem and other patriotic tunes.

      The Director was quickly rushed to a nearby health facility in a pick up truck.

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      The latest event has resurrected the debate about the need for children to congregate under the sun for a March pass. This is because some school of thought believe the funds spent on such activities could be channeled to provide infrastructure for the same school children who lack basic needs like school furniture, proper classroom blocks, text books etc. This idea was echoed by the former Chief Justice of the Judiciary, Madam Sophia Akuffo. Meanwhile, others believe congregating the children will enable the children to feel at first hand the essence of the independence day celebration especially in the midst of the security services which display a lot of patriotism at such functions.


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