G.E.S Promotion 2021 And 2022

      When will the 2021 G.E.S promotion results be out?

      When will the 2022 promotion exams be conducted?

      Will the 2022 promotion be conducted?

      Which year groups of G.E.S staff will qualify for 2022 promotion exams?

      Teachers and G.E.S staff in general are very concerned with respect to the level of information coming from the G.E.S headquarters with regard to 2021 and 2022 promotion exams. Teachers are asking various questions that need answers from the right sources, but as it stands, there seems to be secrecy with respect to what information is given out.

      Reading into past experiences, previous promotion results must come out before adverts for new applications are announced. However, as it stands, there is no sign of the 2021 results and all enquiries on various social media platforms connected to G.E.S and teachers’ unions have not gotten any positive responses.

      Will the 2022 exam be conducted at all or will it delay for two year batches to be combined for the promotion exam? asked by a teacher. Another teacher exclaimed, ‘we all know what will happen to the number of people that will pass when they combine us, taking the quota system into consideration’. As it stands now, no one has any information concerning either the 2021 or 2022 promotion exams.

      The concerns of most teachers are that their teacher unions’ leadership seem not bothered to fetch information on the 2021 and 2022 promotion exams from G.E.S headquarters.

      In a related development, it would be recalled that similar delays in the release of promotion results caused two-yearly batches to become combined. A typical example is that those who went for promotion interview in the year 2019 were a combination of two-yearly batches. This situation was as a result of the unusual delays in placing those who attended the 2018 interview on their salary scale.

      Even though G.E.S promotion has a tradition of being conducted a year after the due date, teachers who attended the 2018 G.E.S promotion interview were kept on their right salary scales, unusually, between 8-12 months after the results were released in October 2018, from June 2019 to October 2019, albeit arrears being paid from January 2019.

      According to the trends of qualifications to partake in the Ghana Education Service promotion exams, it is expected that those who were last promoted in 2017 and before will qualify for 2022 promotion exams.

      One thing a teachers must also concern with is that, some fraudsters are online promotion exams classes as scheme to defraud teacher. The scheme which is very elaborate involves the fraudster asking teteachers to pay money to join an online class on whatsapp or telegram only for the victims to realize the class was not worth it. However, it must be mentioned that, there are also good online classes available.

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