Full Details Of Phone Conversation Between The Regional GNAT Secretary And The Leader of GNAT-National

Teaser 1: Anyone can be ousted from GNAT by the association.

Teaser 2: A promise of warning or advice letter to be delivered to the leader of the movement with respect to his activities after his report to national security to national security in less than a week concerning the use of a GNAT logo to accompany an article.

There are signs everywhere that the activities of GNAT-National Volunteers and members are of concern to GNAT as an institution. httDownload Telegram from playstore (its just like whatsapp) to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram Platform





A group of ordinary GNAT members, numbering about 16,500 on both whatsapp and telegram, who believe there is no need for any disgruntled members of GNAT to exit but stay within to cause the necessary changes, may not have a smooth ride after all. The leader of the group who had received a message delivered to him about his report to National security concerning the use of a GNAT logo that accompanies an article, has been informed about the next level of action GNAT wants to pursue against him in less than a week.

The details of the conversation conclude from the regional secretary’s point of view:

1. a warning or advice letter will be sent to the leader within 24 hours

2. The GNAT logo that is used as a profile picture of the group online must be changed.

3. The leader of GNAT-National should stop his nationwide mobilisation and channel his concerns through his GNAT local through to national level.

4. Any individual could be ousted from GNAT

As a way of good faith and sending a signal that they mean no harm and to avoid any unnecessary confrontation with GNAT leadership, since the movement will have to deal with the same GNAT executives to make the necessary amends to the GNAT constitution to grant the voting rights to school reps and local executives, the leader of GNAT-National indicated he was ready to change any original GNAT logo being used as their profile picture and use their modified version instead. Also, the leader indicated he was doing national mobilisation due to the fact that any change in the GNAT constitution must have received an appeal from the large majority of members. With respect to the warning letter to be delivered, the leader had no option than to wait for it. The GNAT-National leader believes ousting him from GNAT would mean he will be the only teacher who will not have an association because he will not fill change of association form to move to any other association.

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