Free G.E.S Promotion Tutorials And Past Questions’ Solutions

Why the free G.E.S promotion classes? And other promotion issues.

Join the free promotion exam classes on whatsapp (Click here to join free GES promotion class on whatsapp) or on Telegram (Click here to join free GES promotion class on Telegram) even when you are not due this year to have a hint of answers to pass questions. The Telegram page is preferred because it provides the opportunity for the candidates to try answering past questions and trial questions in an examination style where an answer must be selected to reveal the correct answer.

You either pass the promotion or your juniors in the teaching fraternity will join you for the next promotion exams.

Though it should not be an unhealthy competition, getting promoted comes with certain privileges which are more non-monetary.

It is necessary for teachers who are unconcerned about getting promoted in the Ghana Education Service to have a change of mindset to work towards being promoted in the Ghana Education Service for several reasons, including its positive effect on pension allowance and pension tier 2 (lump sum) payments.

Getting promoted in Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) comes with certain conditions for applicants to qualify. Highly referred and commonly mentioned criteria considered for promotion in G.E.S are number of years served on a current rank, continuous stay at post without a break or with a permitted break in service, like approved study leave.

However, getting promoted is not automatic and teachers must pass through promotion exams for ranks from principal superintendent and above. Promotion interviews are conducted for ranks below the principal superintendent. Though the pass rate of the Ghana Education Service promotion exams or interviews is high, the failure rate is equally significant. For the last G.E.S promotion exams held in December 2021, it was announced ‘out of 39,918 candidates who were shortlisted for the test, 26,954 candidates representing 67.5% were successful’. This meant 32.5% of the total candidates who applied were unsuccessful. Interestingly, the total failure rate is around 30%. This high failure rate must be one reason teachers who are due for promotion get involved in their preparation for the promotion exams.

It is also alleged that the number of candidates who passed annually is based on a predetermined number popularly referred to as a quota system. That could be a reason the pass rate hovers around 70% annually no matter the number of candidates who applied. This quota system, it is also alleged, is not just a national proportion but regionally based as well. This indirectly implies that regions with a high number of candidates or teachers will have high numbers of failed candidates.

It is known that some teachers do not participate in G.E.S promotion exams for several reasons, including the frustration associated with failure of the promotion tests or interviews. Every G.E.S promotion comes with some level of increase in salaries, no matter how little. This slight increase in salaries could add some amount of money to a teacher’s monthly pension and retirement lump sum salary, not to mention the slight increase in net salary.

Inability to partake in promotion exams and/or failure in the exams delays a teacher’s progress in the job. Worse, junior rank colleagues have the opportunity to compete with the senior teacher in the future for a certain post, if the junior rank officer manages to get onto the same rank as the senior officer.

There are also occasions where the employer delays the promotion process for a particular year’s batch to combine them with their juniors into a rank. A typical example is when the 2013 and 2014 batches were combined during 2019 promotion interviews late in that year.

Though nothing is guaranteed, actively preparing for promotion exams puts the teacher, who is not even due for the current year, in the position to sail through the promotion process.

In attempt to provide a service of providing promotion classes, the service providers charge a fee which should be expected. The problem, however, is where fraudsters and other criminals pose as service providers to dupe unsuspecting teachers or clients. A free promotion class is thus initiated to provide a disincentive for fraudsters to vacate the promotion exams space and save costs for candidates as well. Teachers are therefore encouraged to join this free promotion class on Whatsapp (Click here to join the Free Promotion Class on Whatsapp) or on Telegram (Click here to join free GES promotion class on Telegram) even when they are not due to prepare themselves in advance.

Members in the telegram group will have the chance to answer the same past question multiple times to identify whether they have made improvements after their first trials of the polls set up in MCQ forms.

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