List of Genuine G.E.S Promotion Classes Online And Other Promotion Issues

Read through the list of genuine organizers of G.E.S online promotion classes before you get duped by fraudsters.

A lot of fraudsters are posing as promotion class organisers.

The online promotion classes are a huge sector with respect to the number of applicants to various grades.

How many promotion exams will be conducted this year?

How long does it take for the exam to be conducted after adverts for application is released?

Get to know the G.E.S year batch which will qualify for this year’s promotion exam for various ranks.

Compare the prices charged by each organiser of online promotion classes.

Getting promoted in Ghana Education Service is becoming very competitive annually, since unsuccessful candidates from the previous years are added to each current year. To complicate the competitiveness of the promotion is the annual pass rate that seems to be very constant, around seventy per cent (70%). The implication then is that the annual unsuccessful rate of about thirty percent (30%) is rolled into the following year. The alleged constant pass rate of 70% has fed into people’s belief that the pass rate is predetermined and not because of the absolute mark anyone would obtain during the promotion exam. It, allegedly, has all to do with the count up from the bottom of the list of candidates to fail.

Online promotion classes organised by various organisers is a huge sector with respect to the number of qualified candidates for each year’s promotion. The last promotion alone was conducted for about thirty-nine thousand, nine hundred and eighteen (39,918) candidates who applied for three main ranks; Assistant Director 2 (ADII), Assistant Director 1 (ADI) and Deputy Director (DD). It is for this reason that a lot of people are trying to catch up in the demand for preparatory classes for the promotion exams to organise online classes.

As usual, fraudsters have also seen an opportunity to develop their schemes towards potential candidates using the online promotion classes as a conduit. A lot of unsuspecting promotion candidates get duped annually in the process. It is for this reason a group of volunteers decided to organise free G.E.S online promotion classes for prospective candidates to serve as disincentive for the fraudsters operating in the sector. Click here to join the FREE promotion class and past questions’ solutions class on Telegram

It is also because of fraudsters and to give the opportunity to prospective candidates to compare prices that a list of genuine organisers of the online class has been compiled.

1. Free G.E.S promotion class: This class is organized by a group of volunteers with knowledge and experience of organising online classes. Some have also previously studied under other organisers who were longer in the online class business. Click here to join the FREE promotion class and past questions’ solutions class on Telegram.

On Telegram, the free promotion class team provide their test in condition similar to that of examination room conditions where bots are used set timer on each question similar to online examinations. The time/seconds placed on each question is either the same  the one supposed to be used in the actual exam (normally at the early stages of preparations) or varied slightly lower (usually at the advanced stage of preparations)

2. Capsules class: Capsules class has been in existence before this year. An amount of 50.00 must be paid to Mr. Stephen Sabo Da-Balorror before an individual is added to the paid class.

3. ATA class: The next class to be organized by ATA online promotion class will be their third (3rd). Candidates have to pay an amount of Ghc150.00 to be part of the class. However, a published promotion study book which is part of the deal will be given to everybody who pays to join the class.

4. G.E.S promotion classes: Organized by Sir Chris, candidates have to pay Ghc100.00 to join a paid group based on the rank each applicant has applied for.

5. Sir Guru: Sir Guru’s class has also been in the online class business before this year. Having charged Ghc30.00 last year, he has decided to charge Ghc40.00 this year.

6. Henry Boateng class: Also organized on whatsapp, Henry provides solution to pass questions only. It terms of fees charged, Henry only request members to offer any amount of money for him to use for his research work without pegging a fee at a specific amount.


Applicants to all ranks must have their last promotion on or before the year 2017. However, for those who wish to use their acquired masters qualification, the candidate must be last promoted in or before the years 2018 and 2019 for application to ADI and DD respectively.

It is unclear how many times the Ghana Education Service promotion exams for teaching staff will be conducted this year. The promotion exam was conducted two (2) times last year 2021, in the months of March and November. Usually, the exams or interviews take place about two (2) or three (3) months after the application deadline. For instance, the deadline for the March 2021 exam was in December 2020 while deadline of the November 2021 exam was in September 2021.

Also, successful candidates for the preceding exams are usually placed on their appropriate salary scale before adverts for new applications are floated. However, results for the last exams written had just been released in April 2022 and it is difficult to tell when they will be placed on their right salary rank, in the absence of information on the matter from the headquarters.

Meanwhile, the various online promotion class organisers are aggressively scouting for prospective candidates who will apply for the next exam. Some prospective candidates are also asking for past questions and their answers in an apparent attempt to start preparing early.

Authors, like Sir Chris and ATA are equally using social media to market their published books, which contains solved past questions, at various costs.

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