Four SHS In Krobo Land In Eastern Region May Not Write WASSCE Practicals. You should be concerned if your wards school in Krobo areas [Find details]

Four SHS In Krobo Land May Not Write WASSCE Practicals. You should be concerned if your wards school in Krobo areas [Find details]

For some weeks now, the Electricity Company of Ghana has cut electricity to Krobo areas due to the resistance by residents of the area to allow ECG to replace postpaid electricity meters with prepaid meters.

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The resistance of the residents stems from the fact that the residents do not want to pay electricity bills on allegations their forebears had an agreement not to pay bills due to the effect of their displacement during the Akosombo Dam construction. Though the residents are yet to provide such a documented agreement, the residents are using whatever means possible to resist payment of the electricity bill.

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The Electricity Company of Ghana then had no option than to cut power supply to the area if the residents did not accept the prepaid meters. It is for this reason that the four (4) Senior High Schools in the area may have to sacrifice their academic achievement not to write the practical exam of WAEC that involves the use of electricity if their schools can not provide a power plant at the time, that it is even difficult to feed the students at school due to lack of financial releases to the school’s.

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The fears of the inability of the students caused Kofi Asare to raise the alarm on his Facebook wall with a statement

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“Dear Electricity Company of Ghana Limited,

Four SHSs in Lower Manya & Yiko Krobo, including Krobo Girls, Makrosec etc, have been without electricity for one week now because of your krobo feud; but 2022 WASSCE has started.

Some SHS may not have their carpentry practicals today because there is no electricity.

We beg you, don’t extend your feud to our SHS.

Give them light NOW, else we hold you responsible for their WASSCE performances.

Ghana Education Service Ministry of Education GH”

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