EU Announced 9th Round of Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine War

EU Announced 9th Round of Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine War

The announcement of the 9th package of sanctions against Russia.

The European Commission has just proposed a new package of sanctions to step up the pressure on Russia. It includes:

Almost 200 more individuals and entities added to our sanctions list:

This includes the Russian armed forces, as well as individual officers and defence industrial companies, members of the State Duma and Federation Council, ministers, governors and political parties, among others.

Sanctions against 3 more Russian banks

Cutting Russia’s access to drones, directly and through potential third country suppliers like Iran

New export controls, particularly for dual-use goods that could be used by the Russian war machine

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We also target the Russian propaganda machine by proposing to take 4 more channels off the air and we propose more economic measures against the Russian energy and mining sector

Attached is the video link of the announcement:

Source: European Commission

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