Early control of electrical fires in the house

Early control of electrical fires in the house


Electrical fires are common sources of household fire outbreaks. Household fires can be very dangerous. People lose their lives easily through household fires. The causes of electrical fires are many.


However, we will focus on the overloading of circuits or power outlets.


The more electricity an appliance uses, the more heat it generates in the wiring system.



One of the laws of energy is that energy can not be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be converted from one form to another form.


For example, hydro energy in water can be converted to electricity through hydroelectric dams. Also, wind energy can be converted to electricity using wind turbines and mechanical energy can be converted to electricity through generators.


Therefore, the question you should ask is where electricity goes during transmission or during and/or after usage.


Electricity is converted to heat during usage or transmission.


Excessive heat can therefore ignite fires. Overloading a power source like an extension cord can lead to excessive heat in the electrical circuit, which can ignite a household electrical fire.


Never use strips or extension cords to power heavy appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators etc. Anything that uses a lot of power should always be plugged straight into the outlet or main sockets.


Or you must obtain an appropriate stabilizer that is plugged straight into the main sockets.


Children must be constantly reminded to avoid overloading power sources. You can not get tired of reminding your children or underage children to do the right thing. The devastating results that may occur when you get tired of reminding them may be worth the life of another or the same child.



Ask anyone who has experienced a household fire and they will tell you it is not fun.


Refurbishing a household after fire outbreaks is not an easy thing.


Losing loved ones through a fire outbreak is even a worse experience that can not be corrected by any means.

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